My Pot

What I am holding as at 9 Sept 9am:

Security Total Market Price Market Value
DBS 1,313 15.35 20,154.55
FRASERS HTRUST 1,000 0.785 785
KEPPEL CORP 2,000 5.45 10,900.00
M1 6,000 2.54 15,240.00
ST ENGINEERING 3,000 3.38 10,140.00
Total       57,219.55
Security Date Paid Units Gross Amount
M1 4-Aug-16 6,000 SGD 420.00
KEPPEL CORP 10-Aug-16 2,000 SGD 160.00
ST ENGINEERING 30-Aug-16 3,000 SGD 150.00

What I like about it – exposure to Keppel and in turn O&G
What I dislike about it – M1 being too large in my portfolio… despite noting that, I attempted to average down (again!) at S$2.50, but the market didn’t want to sell it to me. Please buck up M1!

Ultimately I got myself 3,400 of SPDR STI at S$2.92 today. Was reading 15HWW and starting to be aligned with the view that being invested in ETF for the long term bring good returns without actively managing my Pot.
Lioness (likes having purchasing power)


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