POSB – Cashbank Bonus

(I can’t help laughing at the POSB Cashback Bonus Kung Fu animation on POSB’s website, so it’s my featured image for this post ;p) I saw this product on 15HWW’s blog last year but I must admit that I didn’t fully appreciate the structure until I’ve signed up for DBS (aka POSB too)’s mortgage. There are parts which…

New Savings Bank – Maybank

I praised BOC lavishly to all my friends in between the point when I signed up till some time last week. What changed was a local FM airing an advertisement on Maybank’s SaveUp account. Recall Bank of China’s SmartSaver offers interest rate up to 3.55%. Maybank’s 3% shouldn’t be more attractive, but it is given how…

Choosing the Bank to Sell my Life to

The three big local banks in Singapore offers loans with spread added to the base rate – 1. SIBOR; 2. Floating Housing Rate (“FHR”); and 3. Fixed Being risk adverse, my considerations in order of priority: Low volatility Tap on existing, still low, interest rate where possible Cap on interest rate, where possible I think…

May the new beginning

I finally bought a small unit as investment property after an extensive search spanning a few years. Plenty of resources on the web with good pointers on what to look out for in an investment property, how much can you afford (check our CPF’s website for mortgage affordability calculator, I find that to be a…

Bank of China

I debated adjusting my expenses for the rebate that I get from my savings account and credit card. It doesn’t seem prudent to do so given that these little savings won’t add up to much, but provides slight buffer towards financial independence planning. In any case, I took a look at the savings rate I’m…

DBS – Trump it

Sold 700 DBS at S$15.89 and market closed at S$16.13. I kept telling myself it’s fine as I’ve collected dividends and made a little capital gain, but would still have love to sell it at a higher price.

The Expenses

I started doing a self-improvement thematic month some time in 2015 and was informed that Mark Zuckerberg takes on a personal challenge that he works on for the year (read his 2016’s challenge here). Well, I think being a female is a sufficiently good excuse for my fickle minded approach to a lot of things, couple that with my general impatient character, a monthly milestone will possibly benefit me more.

Employment vs Financial Independence 

There are plenty of literature online with definition that allows one to differentiate financial independence (“FI”) from financial freedom and variants of this phrase. I can’t profess to know them intimately but what financial independence means to me is gaining flexibility in choice of work and not having to worry about my wealth and Retirement Pot.

My Pot

What I am holding as at 9 Sept 9am: